Ideal Clients

You are a Baby Boomer, current Retiree, or Business Owner who is excited about Retirement. You see Retirement as an opportunity to enjoy the “fruits of your work” and to explore or further your true life passions.

You want to live a “Retirement on Purpose.” You want to proceed through your Retirement Journey with confidence, knowing you’ve made good sound financial and non-financial decisions.


  • Baby Boomers, current Retirees and Business Owners who can appreciate the value of truly specialized knowledge, guidance and experience
  • Clients with Investable Assets of $1,000,000 plus, receive the greatest value from our coordinated Retirement Income Planning and Investment Management
  • Those who are good-hearted, caring and have good core values
  • Are ready to make things happen toward realizing their Retirement desires


Clients who are Baby Boomers, Pre-Retirees and have a plan to guide their upcoming decisions: 

  • When to Retire?
  • Phased or Full Retirement?
  • Income Needs?
  • Investment Positioning?

Understand when to enroll in Medicare

  • How to select coverage options
  • How to position income sources and assets so not to pay additional premiums

Understand their Social Security Claiming Options

  • How each option will impact their Retirement Income Plan

Are proactively positioning Portfolio’s for Retirement

  • Based on their detailed Retirement Income Plan, which includes:
    • Asset Location
    • Distribution Order
    • Roth Conversion Comparisons

Are considering their residence desires

  • Relocation considerations
    • Where do they want to live?
    • Real estate taxes
    • State Income taxes
    • Healthcare options, providers and facilities
    • Social activity options
    • Family/Friends
  • Do they desire a second residence?
  • How may the aging process effect their housing situation


  • Have their Investments positioned based specifically on their specific income needs and desires
  • Have their Investments reviewed in person every 3 months
  • Have Retirement Income Plans that guide their Investments
  • Plans are updated every 2 years or sooner to reflect changes by the client, as well as to reflect changes outside of our control such as:
    • Tax bracket changes
    • Changes to Social Security, Medicare
    • Any other area that may impact the Plan
  • We are always looking for additional opportunities to reduce income taxation
  • Enjoy an on-going relationship that places them in the center of all decisions
  • Are enjoying living “Retirement on Purpose”


  • Genuinely enjoy their Business
  • Have an Advisory Team that consists of their CPA, Attorney and Financial Advisor who communicate to make decisions that are truly Client centered
  • Preparing for Retirement by utilizing Tax-Savings Strategies to accumulate wealth for Retirement
  • Have Business Continuation Plans (Buy/Sell Agreement) reviewed yearly
  • Appreciate valued employees and have programs in place for retention

Clients like working with us because…

  • We offer comprehensive Retirement Income Planning and Investment Management
  • We proactively arrange Client Reviews and Planning updates
  • Tax Liability Mitigation is always a priority
  • We are experienced and Credentialed in our specialization
  • We genuinely care about our Clients and go the extra mile
  • We are Genuine, Trustworthy, Honest, Accessible and Responsive