Upcoming Retirement Income Planning Workshop

What enters your mind when you think about no longer working?
Do you feel uncertain, nervous, have trepidation?
Do you have questions that must be answered?

Will I have enough money?

Working exclusively in this area for several years, I find most pre-retirees and current retirees are concerned about making sure they have enough money & making sure it’s truly positioned to provide for their lifestyle.

How much will I get from Social Security?

In addition, pre-retirees are concerned about Healthcare (Medicare) and Social Security claiming options.  One of the most challenging choices one faces is where is the best place to live for their retirement years?   Add in travel plans, hobbies, dining and socializing, there is a lot to consider.

How can I minimize taxes?

Don’t forget your largest partner in retirement, “Uncle Sam.”  Finding ways to minimize your income taxes during your retirement can provide more money for YOUR enjoyment!


The Transition…

While working, it’s really convenient to have your “earned” paycheck take care of all of your fixed expenses, your lifestyle needs and have funds left over for savings and investment.  It’s nice to see your investments grow. The idea of transitioning from an “earned” paycheck to an “unearned” paycheck requires careful planning and consideration.  Your monetary decisions now have a much greater and permanent impact on your retirement lifestyle.

⇒ Avoid painful mistakes!⇐

Workshop Attendees will learn the following:

  • BANISH WORRY! How can I arrange my sources of income and investment assets to ensure I can enjoy my retirement without worrying about running out of money?
  • SOCIAL SECURITY! What is the best way to determine how I should begin collecting my Social Security Retirement Benefits?
  • REDUCE TAXES! Are Income Taxes going to consume too much of my money and how can I make sure I pay the least amount of tax possible?
  • DISTRIBUTION ORDER? Which accounts should I draw from 1st, 2nd and so on? What is there a proper way to determine this?
  • YOUR INCOME APPROACH? Should I use a systematic withdrawal approach, a flooring approach or a time segmentation approach to my retirement income?
  • IRA DISTRIBUTION PLANNING! Should I wait until age 70 ½ to begin taking distributions from my IRA’s and Qualified Plan Accounts?
  • TAX FREE POTENTIAL! Should I engage in doing Roth IRA conversions?
  • ASSET LOCATION! What types of investments should be used inside of your IRA’s, 401K’s, Roth IRA’s, Individual and Joint Accounts from an income tax perspective.
  • VACATION/2ND HOME? How to determine whether I can afford a second home or extensive traveling?
  • AVOID COSTLY RMD PENALTIES! Required Minimum Distribution rules and how to avoid making mistakes.
  • CHARITABLE TAX REDUCTION! How a Qualified Charitable Distribution (Contribution) can save you income tax money and also satisfy your Requirement Minimum Distribution requirements.
  • 401k/403B? Options for your Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan Money when you retire, including the Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) technique.
  • IRA TRUSTS? Should you consider an IRA Trust for your Estate Planning Needs?
  • IRA BENEFICIARIES? Different types of IRA Beneficiaries and how to arrange your assets to pass in the most efficient manner desired.
  • Plenty more! Bring your questions!

Common retirement questions and the mistakes people make:

How much risk do you want to take?

Not having the proper investment allocation that is specifically aligned with their income needs now and in the future.  Some investors are too aggressive and some are too conservative with their investments.

How should you take your Social Security Benefit?

Making a poor Social Security Retirement claiming decision which usually happens when people take advice from friends, neighbors or advisors who truly do NOT specialize in Retirement Income Planning.

Where should you live?

Deciding to stay in one’s pre-retirement residence knowing that the current home is really not conducive for their retirement.

Will you pay more for Medicare?

Having your investments not properly arranged from a tax perspective and end up paying more for Medicare Parts B & D.  This can really hurt!

How can you maximize tax free options?

Failing to take advantage of funding Roth IRA’s and Roth 401K’s to build up potential income tax free funds for your retirement. Not taking advantage of the concept of “filling up the tax bracket” doing annual Roth IRA conversions prior to age 70 ½ .

 Will my money last my lifetime?

Not knowing how much money one can spend and feel comfortable funds will last your lifetime!

When should I retire?

Not doing a “Phased” retirement.  If you love your career, retiring too soon can cause significant mental stress.  Some people are much better served, gradually phasing into a full retirement over time.


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