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Retirement desires are unique to each individual, and couple! Medicare, Social Security, Residence choices, Investment Allocation, Income Taxation are a few of the items you will need to make sound and discerning decisions. Our Retirement Income Planning and Investment Management will thoroughly evaluate your retirement objectives and diligently examine your spectrum of strategies available to assist in making your retirement desires become reality.

Why Clients Work With Us


We have the patience and understanding to guide you through the multitude of decisions and life’s transitions that will be necessary during your retirement.

Competitive Pricing

Our Retirement Income Planning and Investment Management services are competitively priced and disclosed. Through our Advisory Services, we act as a Fiduciary, placing your interests first.


We have significant experience and wisdom, as working with Baby Boomers, Retirees and Business Owners is our exclusive area of concentration. Our professional certifications and designations are specific to our area of specialization.


Our quarterly reviews for Investment Management will provide on-going transparency regarding performance and fees associated with your Investments. Proactive planning updates will ensure we are staying on top of changes in your life, income needs as well as changes outside of our control such as changes to Income Tax brackets, laws and other changes that may impact your planning. Your Retirement Income Plan will keep you accountable and centered around your goals and desires.

Tailored Planning and Management

Your Retirement Income Planning and Investment Management will place you in the center of all recommendations and will be specific to your needs and desires. We take a comprehensive view of all aspects of your Retirement Income Planning and Investment Management. Your Retirement Income Planning will provide organization to your financial life.

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

Henry David Thoreau


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Retirement Refined, LLC is a well known experienced and credentialed financial management practice in our region. Our focus on Retirement Income Planning has earned our firm the respect of our clients, peers and other professionals in our community.

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